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Mass Health Literacy is created by the Central Massachusetts Health Literacy Project (CMHLP) to promote best health literacy practices. 

We are very fortunate to be in Massachusetts where much of the health literacy groundwork started. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is also home to many high-tech startups working to address poor health literacy and thus improving health outcomes. Of course, many well-known academic health centers and organizations are located here as well. 

Our goal is keep you informed on best health literacy practices as they relate to positive health outcomes.  Please let us know how we are doing.



The Central Massachusetts Health Literacy Project (CMHLP) is an academic-community partnership founded by graduate students in the Community Health/Public Health Nursing Program at Worcester State University in Worcester, MA in 2011. CMHLP shares the vision of a healthier Massachusetts through health literacy efforts. Although students are considered learners, the founders of CMHLP have roots in Central Massachusetts and have years of experience as health care providers. They also come from diverse cultural, linguistic, and health care backgrounds. CMHLP members have worked with the Worcester Refugee Assistance Program, Elder Services of Worcester, and Central Mass/MetroWest Transitions in Care Collaborative. CMHLP members are not outsiders who come into a community to study and leave. Their commitment to the health of the community not only helps sustain the collaborative but provides the important everlasting connection between academia and local residents.

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